Living the vineyard: events in the heart of Monferrato.

The “transparent” cellar Hic et Nunc and its Wine Resort Cà dell’Ebbro become the venue for a series of events that combine a passion for wine and the wonder of the Monferrato territory. Many ideas to experience unforgettable moments to share.

degustazione piscina

Today more than ever, people are looking for new experiences that stimulate all five senses. Relaxing the body and mind to momentarily escape the everyday routine becomes essential, especially when these moments are shared with people we care about.

Hic et Nunc, one of the best cellars in Monferrato, has decided to open its doors to allow the organization of a series of special events that can range from art to corporate team building.

With a beautiful location perfectly inserted in the wonderful context of Monferrato, the “transparent” cellar of Hic et Nunc becomes the perfect place for events that celebrate the unmistakable taste of Monferrato wine and the pleasure of being together.

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