And… our SPECIALIZED GUIDES for tailor-made excursions

Tourist guide

A tourist guide is someone whose profession is to “accompany individuals or groups on visits to works of art, museums, galleries, archaeological excavations, illustrating the historical, artistic, monumental and scenic attractions”. It is therefore an activity of a distinctly cultural type.

Cycling guide

These guides must be able to lead and propose cycling activities and itineraries in line with the specific, individual abilities of the people they are leading. To direct their efforts in the most effective way, therefore, they must have expertise in basic and advanced riding techniques but also be well-versed in the technical and didactic basics of riding and the best ways to develop and consolidate riding skills according to specific situations and age groups.

Nature guide

In Italy, an Environmental Excursion Guide or GAE is a professional in the touristic sector who works closely with the natural environment. Environmental excursion guides accompany individuals or groups who are visiting environmentally significant areas to point out their naturalistic, human-made and cultural aspects, but without using equipment for alpine ascents.